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  Agatha Seagrave
Agatha ksvlf
First seen "Let the Games Begin"
Last seen "Let the Games Begin" (Alive)
"Speak of the Devil" (Corpse)
Series lifespan "Let the Games Begin" to "Imperfect Circles"
Portrayed by Mare Winningham

Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Mid 50s
Occupation Housekeeper
Prostitute (formerly)
Family Maxine Seagrave † (daughter)
Status Dead (Let the Games Begin)
Cause of Death Drowned
Agatha Seagrave Gallery

Agatha Seagrave (Birth name: Claire) was the mother of Maxine and a resident of Bird Island. Agatha is played by Mare Winningham, and debuts in the Let the Games Begin, it's her first and last appearance alive.


Agatha birth name is Claire. She attended Chester's Mill high school, in the same high school as James "Big Jim" Rennie. Claire had to drop out of school at 16, when she became pregnant with her daughter, Maxine.

Claire could not get work, and resorted to prostitution to take care for her daughter. She was labeled a whore and pariah by the men of Chester's Mill, bitter over the town's hypocrisy, as she was publicly shamed by some of the very people who paid for her services, and changed her name to Agatha.

Sometime before the dome, Agatha moved to a mansion on Bird Island, owned and by her daughter, Maxine, Who became "crime lord" and used her money to take care of her aging mother. Agatha was Maxine confidant, privy to her daughter's illegal activities. She knows everything about Chester's Mill drug operation, including Peter. Duke, Big Jim, Reverend Coggins, and Barbie dirty secrets.

Under the DomeEdit

Big Jim looking for Maxine's "insurance policy", arrive at Maxine's island house. Agatha recognize him and pretend to be only a caretaker claiming it belongs to an Oliver Luckland who is currently on his boat on the other side of the island. She invites him inside to wait for him to return, and then hold him at gunpoint.

Agatha told Jim, her former classmate, about her history and connection to Maxine. She angers Jim when she taunted him about his son Junior becoming as crazy as his dead wife, daring Agatha to shoot him, he manage to disarms her.

Jim who realized that Agatha is Maxine's "insurance policy", decide to take her with him to Chester's Mill, he ties her hands and brings her to his boat. Along the way back, Agatha falls into the water. She plead Jim to save her, but he leaves her to her fate. Sometime later, her body washed ashore and was found by her daughter.


Agatha second name is "Sea-grave" which is ironic because her grave becomes the water. She pretends that her house owned by a man called Oliver "Luck-land", which is quite the polar opposite of Sea-grave, while the house is owned by Maxine real estate company named "Osiris", which is also the Egyptian god of the afterlife.

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