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  Agatha Seagrave
Agatha ksvlf
Actor Mare Winningham
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Mid 50s
Occupation Housekeeper
Prostitute (formerly)
Family Maxine Seagrave † (daughter)
First Appearance "Let the Games Begin"
Last Appearance "Let the Games Begin" (Alive)
"Speak of the Devil" (Corpse)
Cause of Death Drowned
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Let the Games Begin" to "Imperfect Circles"
Ethnicity Caucasian-Americans
Agatha was left to drown
Agatha Seagrave Gallery

Agatha Seagrave was the mother of Maxine Seagrave and former classmate of James "Big Jim" Rennie, whom she was murdered by.



While under captive by Big Jim, she was being transported from her island villa to the mainland in a motorboat when she fell overboard. Big Jim was about to rescue her, but then decided to let her drown, as she was tied up and couldn't swim. Sometime later, her body washed ashore and was found by her daughter.


  • Agatha second name is Sea-grave which is ironic because her grave becomes water.

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