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Angie McAlister
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Joe McAlister (brother) Frank (cousin)
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Angela McAlister is an aspiring nurse who lives in the town of Chester's Mill, and works as a waitress at the Sweetbriar Rose. She is the older sister of Joe McAlister. She has her own apartment, but moves back in to her family home to be closer to her brother.

Before The DomeEdit

Dome DayEdit

When the Dome hit, Angie was leaving James "Junior" Rennie's house after deflecting his confessions of loving her.

She then went to her parents' home where she and her younger brother Joe realized that both of their parents were out of town at the time the dome landed leaving them both isolated from their parents.

She then went back to her apartment and was attacked and kidnnaped by Junior. He took her to his father's fallout shelter. He attributed her rejection of him to the arrival of the Dome, and locked her up, requesting patience.[1]

After attacking Junior during one of his visits, he handcuffed her to the frame of the bed.[2]

Several days after being locked in the shelter, Angie accidentally broke a water pipe in her struggle to break free, flooding the room. She was eventually found by James "Big Jim" Rennie.[3]

To Angie's horror, Big Jim did not release her immediately. He eventually set her loose after discovering the military planned to launch a missile at the Dome that he believed would destroy Chester's Mill. Angie returned home looking for Joe McAlister, but instead found Junior waiting for her. Junior played the radio broadcast for her explaining the situation with the military. Angie sat with him, and they waited for the missile to arrive.[4]

When the Dome remained intact after the detonation of the missile, Angie escaped Junior, running to Sweetbriar Rose, where she explained her situation to Rose Twitchell.

Season OneEdit





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