Bill Wicker
Series lifespan "Junior and Angie"-"Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Male
Occupation Delivery Man
Family Unnamed Wife
Jimmy Wicker - Grandson †
Status Dead
Cause of Death Died in a firestorm
"Why'd the hell you do that?"
—Bill angrily questioning Jack Cale's choice of locking his store just before the riots.[src]

Before the DomeEdit

Bill Wicker is the grandfather of Jimmy and a resident of Chester's Mill; He is overweight and is a delivery man.

Under the DomeEdit

"Junior and Angie"Edit

Bill Wicker is mentioned in this chapter when Angie is thinking through her plan with her towel. She had just got out of the shower and when she heard the knock at the door she assumed it was Frank who had come to fix their relationship, her original plan was just to drop her towel straight away but realized that it may be Bill delivering the post, although Angie doubted it as it was early.

"Pink Stars Falling"Edit

Bill is mentioned by Ginny when talking to Rusty. He asks about the call in she had recieved about a child suffering from a seizure and she explained it was Jimmy Wicker and Bill, his grandfather, had called it in; the novel then mentions that Rusty knew him as he delivered his mail. Ginny continued to explain what had happened, explaining Bill had been looking after Jimmy whole his mother had went for gas. Rusty asked her if Jimmy had said anything during the seizure and she said that Bill had told her he'd babbled about pink stars or halloween or something. 

"Feeling It"Edit

Bill participates in the Food City riots and is seen complaining when Jack Cale unlocks the doors to allow two police officers inside before locking it again. He complains saying "Why'd the hell you do that?" and he went on to say "My wife sent me down for algs"; He then joins the crowd of rioting residents. 


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Angie McCainEdit

Although the two aren't seen interacting it is assumed Angie does not have a close relationship with Bill as she thinks of him as Mr. Wicker also what thoughts Angie does have of Bill are not positive describing him as old and fat. However it is possible that this was just because Angie was hoping it was Frank coming to fix their relationship and she would be very disappointed if it was instead Bill.


  • Bill's first mention in the chapter "Junior and Angie" only refers to him as Mr. Wicker. 

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