• AllDayFire82

    He was the only one that didn't trust the dome or Melanie because he saw what the dome was really doing. But then sometimes he would do mean or evil things to people that didn't deserve it. So I'm gonna wait to decide whether or not I like him. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Stan The Shark

    Hey there, UTD fans! The season finale is coming! Are you ready for it? Lately a blog was uploaded called "Which is the best episode?" by X-Men Are Cool. I'm going to continue that blog since he didn't update the results anymore. I haven't included Love is a Battlefield, Incandescence and The Enemy Within since they haven't aired at the time the blog was created. The results I've put into this list are the results of the old blog. The blog gets updated when at least 5 people have voted.

    So, which episode is your favorite? You can now vote for round 2.

    Stan The Shark (talk) 09:08, September 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Stan The Shark

    This list will be expanded gradually.

    What to do
    Novel Characters
    Try to add as much information to the novel characters' pages, I'm not talking just about the Novel Characters article but about all the characters who appear in the novel their own pages. Fill in as much as you know.
    Dale Barbara (TV Series)
    Add the Move On, But I'm Not, Redux, The Kinship and Breaking Point sections. Eventually expand the other episode sections of Season 3. Also, maybe eventually expand the trivia with some facts about Barbie?
    Julia Shumway (TV Series)
    Divide the Season 1 part into episode parts.
    James Rennie Sr. (TV Series)
    Alaska and Breaking Point sections.
    Joseph Ernest McAlister
    Expand the 'background' section, add the "Going Home" to "Go Now" sections in the Se…

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  • X-Men Are Cool

    So if you have seen my previous blog vote for the final round. If you haven't than you can vote. And if you already have voted on that than vote on this. For each round we will have three episodes go against each other. Tell other users! It will go 36, 12, 4, 2, 1.

    |-| Round 1/Amazing 36=

    Contestants Results Score
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  • Stan The Shark

    Hey there, Under The Dome fanatics!

    Today I'm counting down the most visited pages on the Under The Dome wiki. You can also, instead of reading this article, click this link to find out which pages are the most popular on this wiki.

    WARNING: This list was last updated on September 26, 2015. The amount of revisions may have changed, and I will update it soon enough.

    I must say, I expected her to be in the top 10. An ignorant yet helpful girl changes into the Terminator from Season 2 to Season 3. Her article has been edited 149 times by the contributors of this wiki. It's pretty close to Julia's article.

    Julia Shumway is holding the ninth spot in this list! This page has been edited 151 times by the contributors of the Under The Dome wiki!

    Since …

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  • ALinkToThePasta

    Season 3 was a weak season compared to Season 1 or 2, but the most weak part was Deaths, they killed every good character they introduced this season or in past seasons. (I Don't really need to explain), but We're not talking about that, we're talking about the weakest, least shocking and stupid deaths.


    although it's a wiki and it says on the main page it's just spoilers in a nutshell.

    and remember this list might change after Season 3 is over

    Abby DeWitt is a minor character is season 3, she is portrayed by Bess Rous and she was well acted, her death was coming from not one but ten miles away.

    She was Sam's love intrest and one of the only people who weren't zombies for Christine the second they got out of the pods they were…

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  • Melaniedomer

    Breaking point review

    August 10, 2015 by Melaniedomer

    What did we all think about the episode "Breaking Point"? I'll be honest, I cried my eyes out when Carolyn died, I hated Eva more and more, but Christine is still my least favorite, I was so confused when the end of the world was supposedly just an illusion, but I was happy the resistance is taking action against the dreaded "kinship", and I'm so happy hunter is back. What about you? What did you think? Comment how you feel about the whole situation of "Breaking Point".

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  • CracKers :B

    Rename Episodes

    July 27, 2015 by CracKers :B

    If I could change the names of the episodes.....

    1. Pilot
    2. Destroy Evidence (The Fire)
    3. Manhunt
    4. Outbreak
    5. Missile Strike Imminent (Blue on Blue)
    6. Speculation (The Endless Thirst)
    7. Egg (Imperfect Circles)
    8. Grieve (Thicker Than Water)
    9. Speak of the Devil
    10. Exigent Circumstances
    11. Choice (Curtains)

    1. Mortal Magnetism (Heads Will Roll)
    2. Infestation
    3. Beliefs (Force Majeure)
    4. Revelation
    5. The Complot (Reconciliation)
    6. Darkness (In the Dark)
    7. Playground (Going Home)
    8. Awakening
    9. The Red Door
    10. Failed Plans (The Fall)
    11. Low Temperature (Black Ice)
    12. The Eight Hands (Turn)
    13. Follow Me (Go Now)

    1. Move On
    2. But I'm Not
    3. Deceived (Redux)
    4. Bird Island (The Kinship)
    5. Deadly Consequences (Alaska)
    6. Caged
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  • Stan The Shark

    Hey there, Under The Dome fans!

    I'm curious about your creativity. If you would describe a character on the show in one word, what would it be? Choose out of the following characters:

    - Stan

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  • JakieBoi

    Ey there guys,I'm going to review the two new episodes of Season 3,btw for anyone

    SPOILER ALERT if it wasn't obvious

    After one year outside the dome we discover Dale "moved on" to the army and got a new girlfriend,Norrie got in a college,Joe didn't move on as Sam is in prison trying to get better,Julia,Big Jim & Junior are "dead" as it's discovered they are actually alive.

    Also I Have to mention,this just proves how good John Elvis is,his last appearance as Benny Drake is really good.

    After coming back to Chester's Mill Dale & Ben spot Melanie Cross,as she disappeared after making the dome "vanish".

    While Dale forgets about this,Benny Drake investigates the town and after doing research he makes a theory that he films on his phone.

    It is discove…

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  • Stan The Shark

    Novel Characters

    June 13, 2015 by Stan The Shark

    This post is about the novel characters.

    I was wondering... what could I do to make the pages look better (except for adding information of course)?

    If anyone has an idea, text me!

    - Stan

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  • Rick123Axel

    Okay, this is just a little fun, basically all you do is spell your user name and see who'd you be trapped under the dome with! (Write who in the comments) No doubles either as you can't have two of the same person in real life :p 

    Show Character Version

    A - Barbie

    B - Big Jim 

    C - Julia

    D - Sam

    E - Andrea

    F - Rose 

    G - Rebecca 

    H - Joe

    I - Angie 

    J - Lyle

    K - Freddy

    L - Lester Coggins

    M - Alice

    N - Norrie

    O - Waylon

    P - Carolyn 

    Q  - Ollie 

    R - Benny

    S - Harriet 

    T - Linda

    U - Carter

    V - Linda

    W - Paul

    X - Duke

    Y - Phill

    Z - Dodee

    Novel Character Version

    A - Big Jim

    B - Junior

    C - Barbie

    D - Julia

    E - Andrea

    F - Linda

    G - Rose

    H - Rusty

    I - Andy 

    J - Angie 

    K - Phill

    L - Samantha 

    M - Piper 

    N - Joe

    O - Claire

    P - Ollie

    Q - Norrie

    R - Alden

    S - Jackie 

    T - Romeo

    U - Brenda 

    V - Melvin

    W -…

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  • Jackson0429

    Hey guys!

    I have some pretty exciting news for y'all! Some of our veteran users may know that we created a Twitter account a little over a year ago. Over the year, we haven't really thought much about it. Today is when that changes! We have, in fact, already updated everything on the page. We will be tweeting and retweeting from the Under the Dome Twitter and actors frequently. Since the page might as well be brand new, we need your help to get it going. If you amazing people would hop over there and follow our page, it would mean the world to us! Feel free to tweet us anytime @DomeWiki .

    Well, I've got to get back over to the Twitter page now. Thanks from the Admins for your continued support in making our wiki the best it can be! Don't forg…

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  • Rick123Axel

    Things to Do

    August 5, 2014 by Rick123Axel

    This wiki, although amazing has a lot of things to do. This is a list that will be updated on completion

    • On the category page of episodes, the table needs updating.
    • Cast page needs updating, many actor pages have been made but not added to the page
    • Links need fixing on Season 1 page
    • Almost every character needs a write up for many episodes in both season 1 and 2.
    • Most galleries need to be updated.
    • A few characters need quotes.
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  • X-Men Are Cool

    SAM WINS! He got 5 votes against Big Jim. Sam is the best character of season two! Thank you for voting! Thank you Waxworld112 for breaking the tie breaker. Now time for Season 3! If you voted for Seasons 1 & 2 than please check back on this one for Season 3. Please tell more users about this!

    Current Round: Big Jim vs. Joe vs. Marston - Vote for one to determine who the best character is.

    |-| Only Round=

    Contestants Results Score
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  • BerzekerLT

    This episode can only be called - Faith vs Science and Science won. Atleast for now. But let's start from the beggining. From the start we are introduced with a new character - barber of faith Lyle Chumley. For now I like this character and the actor made a good job playing him. We found out that at one moment Lyle and Pauline were together but in the end chose to be with Big Jim. There's big tension between them, atleast from the Lyle part. This is shown during the scene where he shaves Big Jim.

    Rebecca continues her plans to manage the population of Chester's Mill. While the idea sounds logical, from Rebecca's mouth it sounds very evil. This episode we see that as a scientist she only believes what she sees. So no wonder that a  guy like …

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  • Devinthe66

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen of this fine wiki. Today I am here to talk to you about some new changes that will be taking place at some point soon. I figured that I would let the community decide what we should do with various different things.

    Alright, so as most of you can probably tell, I successfully adopted the wiki! This is great as we will now have myself and Rick123Axel as the two active admins. But, if you feel as though you have what it takes to become an administrator, please leave a request on the Requests for Adminship page.

    This is one that I'm sure will be very mixed, but I would like to know, would you like to keep the achievements? Personally, I think achievements are rather pointless and unneeded, but I would like to know wh…

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  • Devinthe66

    Hello everyone, Devinthe66 here. I decided that I would go for the adoption as Jackson hasn't been on in almost 2 months and it isn't the first time it has happened either. I believe that we need a new admin and an adoption request seemed the most logical, as who knows when Jackson will return again. In short, I would like everyone who is active here to please comment down below as to what you think. (Please remember that this may not even happen, but it's still a possibility.)

    Thank you for reading. :)

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  • SingingEarth

    Hi! I'm SingingEarth from the Haven wiki!

    Haven is a show on the Syfy channel that's loosely based on The Colorado Kid. In my work on the Haven wiki, I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    I recently discovered that there are a lot of Stephen King wikis:

    • Stephen King
    • Stephen King bloopers
    • Dark Tower
    • The Mist
    • Under The Dome
    • Haven
    • Dreamcatcher - abandoned
    • The Dead Zone - abandoned

    And these are just the few I found looking for them. Most of these wikis don't show up in a wikia search for "Stephen King".

    I'm hoping that we can link our wikis together. We could create a template linking all the King wikis and put it on our front pages. And, if we have someone technically minded, I think it's even possible to make it so that links from o…

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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    I think that the series is awesome!!!!!

    This is one of the better series out there!!!!!!

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  • VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23

    Hi, my name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess and I would like to ask you, who do you think is the monarach and when do you think he or she will be crownd? Who do you think is going to be opening the dome to those who where outside of it? 

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  • Jackson0429

    Administration Nomination

    September 3, 2013 by Jackson0429

    Hey y'all!

    As many of you have probably noticed over the past week, we had put up a "Vote of the Week" poll to see how many people would like an additional admin for the wiki. The final results were eight to three in favor of a new admin. As a result of the vote, we will begin the nomination process immidiately. As this is the first time we have done something like this, some guidelines are being established. The guidelines for the process are simple.

    • Any Under the Dome Wiki contributor may nominate one person who is both an Under the Dome Wiki contributor and a Wikia member.
    • No person may nominate his/herself.
    • No person may nominate more than one person.
    • Nominees must have been a contibutor on the wiki for at least thirty days.
    • Nominees must have a…
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  • BennettMGA

    Just keeping a list of articles that are "complete" enough to be eligible to be the Featured article on the main page. They don't necessarily have to be entirely finished articles, but reasonably up-to-date (hopefully within an episode or two), in proper format, and ideally has some images. Basically just something that can be shown off.

    • Pilot 1.1
    • The Fire 1.2
    • Manhunt 1.3
    • Outbreak 1.4
    • Imperfect Circles 1.7
    • Thicker Than Water 1.8
    • Let the Games Begin 1.10
    • Speak of the Devil 1.11
    • Exigent Circumstances 1.12
    • Heads Will Roll 2.1
    • The Endless Thirst 1.6 (last used 08/02/14)
    • Curtains 1.13 (last used 08/12/14)

    • Julia Shumway
    • Eleanor Calvert-Hill
    • Carolyn Hill
    • Lester Coggins
    • Dale "Barbie" Barbara (last used 07/10/14)
    • James "Big Jim" Rennie (last used 07/17/14)
    • Alice Calv…

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  • Jackson0429

    New Update

    August 22, 2013 by Jackson0429

    Hey guys!

    Sorry I have been away for a little bit. I was on vacation for about a week. The most recent Vote of the Week was up for longer than it should have been since I was gone, but either way the vote is the same. We will be adding a forum to the wiki. I love forums and I love wikis, but wiki forums are something I'm not very familiar with so if anybody has some tips, please comment.

    Also, we added a chat feature because a couple of weeks ago everybody voted that we should. It is on the right side of the Main Page if anybody would like to check it out.

    I have one more note. There was recently some vandalism on the wiki. I don't want to make a big deal out of this because it wasn't that big and it was only a couple of times. However, I jus…

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  • BennettMGA

    To Do

    July 16, 2013 by BennettMGA

    So things are looking a lot better, but we still have a few things to decide on before we can really add much else to the wiki!

    Edit (13 September 2013): The Under the Dome Wiki:Manual of Style is up. It's not a final thing by any means, but it's at least a guideline so that we can try and keep things consistent(ish). Take a look!


    • We really need to get pages up for the Actors. Each article should use Template:Actor, which accepts entries for Image, Character, From, DOB, and Spouse. Each article should also include an "External Links" section, where you can link to, at the very least, their Wikipedia page, and IMDb page. Other suggestions include the actor's official page, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

    Please do NOT make an Actor's pa…

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  • BennettMGA

    Main Page

    July 13, 2013 by BennettMGA

    Hey everyone, I think we have enough people (and a successful adoption, congrats Jackson!) now that we can try and get some consensus on what the main page should look like! The big things to figure out are Sections, Layout, and Color Scheme.

    I think we could benefit from having a News section, there's quite a bit of news mentions almost daily. Other choices are a Featured Article section that can be rotated regularly, Links, Episodes, or Characters. I think if we include Episodes, it should just be the most recent one, since that'll get cluttered really quickly. I think Characters is a safe bet, though. I've put a Character Portal on the main page as a sample. Obviously, we can change the size/who to include as we need to.

    One of the Wikis …

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  • Jackson0429

    Adoption is Near!

    July 12, 2013 by Jackson0429

    Hey guys!

    So here's some exciting news. Our wiki is currently eighth on the list for adoption. That means the verdict will come within the next couple of days. I just know that this will really help the wiki. We'll be able to appoint some of the more active users as Admins and change up some things around here to make it look a little more appealing to visitors. Still looking for some interested people to become Administrators here so please tell me if you would like that.

    I also really want to thank BennettMGA for being such a great contributor to our community and creating some pretty awesome things for us such as our character template. I look forward to your future contributions, as they never cease to amaze me!

    Let's continue to hope tha…

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  • Jackson0429

    Adoption Update

    July 7, 2013 by Jackson0429

    Hey guys!

    As of about ten minutes ago, our wiki is 18th on the list of wiki adoptions! (I'm so excited!) So, that means that at this time it would really help if some people would give their comments on this adoption. Since our only admin has never actually made an edit on this wiki and hasn't been active in a long time, I think that this is the right decision. Still, if anybody has any other opinions, please feel free to voice them in the comments of this blog post.

    Again, if adoption is successful, I belive it would be a good idea to build up a strong administration for this wiki. Anybody wishing to become a member of our wiki staff, please tell me. I already see some very valuble candidates among our community.

    Let's cross our fingers and …

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  • Jackson0429


    July 3, 2013 by Jackson0429

    Hey guys! I've noticed that some people have been having trouble with tables, so I've decided to make this blog post. Of course anybody can make a table in a wiki page, but I will be going around all of the pages and trying to fix up any tables that need a little help. Once I figure out what the standard properties for a table should be exactly, I'll come back and tell you guys.

    In other news (lol), I have applied for adoption of this wiki. Seeing as the original Admin has never actually made an edit and there seem to be plenty of interested people here, I think it's time that we had a little shift in our staff. If I am selected (fingers crossed!), then I will be looking to grow our staff. So, hoping that all will go well, anybody who is in…

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