But I'm Not
Season 3, Episode 2
Air Date June 25, 2015
Written By Tim Schlattmann
Directed By Peter Weller
U.S. Viewers 6.25 Million
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But I'm Not is the second episode of Season 3 of CBS' Under the Dome, which aired on June 25, 2015. It is the twenty-eighth episode overall.


The residents of Chester's Mill appear both inside and outside the Dome following their mysterious encounter in the tunnels beneath the town. As the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda, the townspeople are forced to question what and whom they can trust as fresh threats appear, new residents emerge and surprising alliances form.


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Main CastEdit

Supporting CastEdit

Guest Stars





  • First appearance of Hektor Martin.
  • First appearance of Amy.
  • Last appearance of Ben "Benny" Drake. (Video)
  • Last appearance of Don Barbara.
  • Ben reappears in this episode in a video after being killed in the previous episode.
  • The title refers to Melanie telling Don Barbara that she's not his daughter.
  • It's revealed that there were multiple meteorites with eggs inside found on earth all over the world but only the Alaska and Chester's Mill eggs were intact and only Chester's Mill one was actually functional.
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