Eddie Chalmers
Series lifespan Highways and Byways" - Mentioned

Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Farmer
Status Unknown

Before the DomeEdit

Little is known about Eddie's life before the Dome except that he lived on and ran a farm in Chester's Mill, not far from Pretty Valley Road. It is also known that Eddie's farm grew pumpkins, which where often attacked by crows so he put a scarecrow which was named Scarecrow Without A Country as it stood between the Mill and TR-90, it was mentioned however that the crows were never scared of the scarecrow dubbed 'SWAC'.  

Under the DomeEdit

"Highways and Byways"Edit

Eddie is mentioned when the novel explains that the scarecrow named 'SWAC' had been cut in half by the Dome like the Woodchuck had been. It is also mentioned that Scarecrow Without A Country's stance between the two places amused Eddie when he had set it up. Seconds after the scarecrow had been chopped in half, the crows (Which were said not to be scared of 'SWAC') all hit the dome breaking their necks on impact, on both sides.


  • Eddie's scarecrow, SWAC was said not to frighten the birds it is unknown if this is true however as after the scarecrow was cut in half the birds all flew toward the dome, it is assumed however that their true targets were the pumpkins. 

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