This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his TV Series counterpart.
  Frederick "Freddy" Howard Denton
First seen "Madness, Blindness, Astonishment of the Heart"
Last seen "Halloween Comes Early"
Series lifespan "Madness, Blindness, Astonishment of the Heart" to "Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Male
Hair Bald
Age Early 50's
Occupation Officer
Family Unknown
Killed Victims 1 killed
Status Dead
Cause of Death Shot by Phil Bushey

Freddy Denton is a minor character in the Under the Dome novel. He is a police officer with lack of knowledge about the job and eventually kills Carolyn Sturges and the dog of reverend Piper Libby.

Before the DomeEdit

He lived in Chester's Mill and worked as a police officer.

Under the DomeEdit

He among many others got trapped under the Dome. He was present during the town hall pandemomium and eventually killed Carolyn Sturges when he thought she tried to grab a gun.


When trying to reach the door of the studio, Freddy was shot by Phil Bushey in an ambush.


Carolyn Sturges Edit

During the town hall pandemonium, Carolyn was shot by Freddy, because he thought that she was going to pick up the weapon that Andrea Grinnell dropped.

Piper Libby Edit

Freddy shot her dog Clover.

James "Junior" Rennie Edit

Apparantly Freddy was his football coach in his youth. His voice "blared" over the field, according to Junior, which was very annoying to him, but when he hears the same blaring voice when Sam Verdreaux gets arrested, he approves it.

Sam VerdreauxEdit

Although Sam had called Freddy "brigadier Dog", Freddy showed to have a condescending attitude towards him.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Carolyn Sturges (shot under the suspicion that she tried to grab a weapon)


  • In contrast to the novel, Freddy's appearance in the series comes over as a protagonist, as he's classified as an antagonist in the novel.

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