Henry "Hank" Morrison
First seen "Clustermug"
Last seen "Halloween Comes Early"
Series lifespan "Clustermug" to "Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Police Officer
Family Whit Morrison - Brother †
Status Dead
Cause of Death Died in the bus trying to escape the firestorm

Before the DomeEdit

Barely anything is known about Henry's past, except for the facts that he was loyal towards sheriff Duke Perkins. Also, he and his brother Whit Morrison lived in Chester's Mill, while Henry did a job as a police officer.

Under the DomeEdit

"Lotta Dead Birds"Edit

Henry is mentioned by Howard as he recognizes the sirens coming from his car, number four; He is heading toward the plane and pulp truck accident. Brenda explains to him that she heard explosions and that's probably where Johnny Trent is going, he corrects her telling her it is Henry to which she replies "Well, whoever it is--" but is cut off mid-sentence by another passing siren. 


Henry tried to escape the fire with a bus. Unfortunately, the try failed and he died in the firestorm.


Whit MorrisonEdit

His brother, who died at the exact same day as Henry.


Part 1 appearances
"The Airplane and the Woodchuck" "Barbie" "Junior and Angie" "Highways and Byways" "Lotta Dead Birds"
"Clustermug" "We All Support The Team" "The Good of the Town, The Good of the People" "Prayers" "Madness, Blindness, Astonishment of the Heart"
"This is Not as Bad as it Gets" "Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck" "Missile Strike Imminent"


  • Henry is, together with officer Toby Whelan, the only official police officer present during the firestorm.
    • Henry didn't survive the fire in contrast to officer Whelan, who died from asphyxiation after he survived the fire.

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