This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his TV Series counterpart.
  Howard "Duke" Perkins
First seen "Lotta Dead Birds"
Last seen "Clustermug"
Series lifespan "Lotta Dead Birds" to "Clustermug"

Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age 67
Occupation Chief of Police
Family Brenda Perkins - Wife †
Status Dead
Cause of Death Pacemaker Exploded
"God bless you, but I don't give a shit. Get off my scene, Big Jim. And be sure to go around the tape. No need for Henry to have to string it twice."
—Howard to Big Jim at the scene of the plane crash on Dome Day.[src]

Before The DomeEdit

Howard Perkins, frequently called Duke by residents of Chester's Mill and Howie by his wife, Brenda, was the chief of the police department in the town; He lived in Morin Street in Chester's Mill. He was described as very overweight to the point where Dr Ron Haskell had mentioned it to him; which was described as rare as Brenda stated that he never scolds anyone. Howard was in the process of collecting evidence of Big Jim's drug manufacturing and had created a file called VADER which stored it all. Another case Howard handled before the Dome was the fight which happened outside of Dipper's. After Barbie managed to beat Junior, Frank, Carter and Mel the police arrested all of them, when the boys told Howard that Barbie had raped Angie he called her in and questioned her. He explained if she did take her story further it would most likely end up in court, she then admitted that it had all been a lie, Barbie as well as the boys and Angie were all released.

Under The DomeEdit

"Lotta Dead Birds"Edit

Howard heard neither neither of the explosions caused by the Dome, though he was raking leaves on the lawn of his Morin Street home. A portable radio was sat on the hood of his wife's car, playing sacred music on WCIK. The novel mentions that his hearing wasn't what it had been and asks if anybody's is at sixty seven. He did however hear the police siren pass, the novel stated his ears were tuned to the sound like that of a mother to her child. He recognized it, knowing which car it was and who was driving it. He then waited till it past before he continued raking, Brenda then emerged from inside the house. 


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Part 1 appearances
"The Airplane and the Woodchuck" "Barbie" "Junior and Angie" "Highways and Byways" "Lotta Dead Birds"
"Clustermug" "We All Support The Team" "The Good of the Town, The Good of the People" "Prayers" "Madness, Blindness, Astonishment of the Heart"
"This is Not as Bad as it Gets" "Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck" "Missile Strike Imminent"


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