LaDonna McCain
First seen "Junior and Angie" (Mentioned)

Gender Female
Hair Unknown
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Family Henry McCain - Husband
Angie McCain - Daughter
Status Unknown

Before the DomeEdit

LaDonna McCain lived with her husband, Henry and their daughter, Angie. She drove a Prius and at the time of the Dome she was not home. It is also assumed LaDonna enjoyed gardening as she had tomato plants in her garden. 

Under the DomeEdit

"Junior and Angie"Edit

LaDonna was mentioned when her Prius was not on the McCain home drive, neither was Henry's 4Runner. Junior thinks that if either of them had been home he would've went home and tried to get rid of his headache instead of attacking Angie. When Junior rings the doorbell Angie believes it is Frankie who had come to fix their relationship, she mentions that now Barbie was leaving or had already left and that her parents weren't home was a sign from god that things were going rightside up. 


Henry McCainEdit

Although Henry and LaDonna aren't seen interacting it is assumed they had a loving relationship as both were married and living together with their daughter, Angie.

Angie McCainEdit

Although Angie and LaDonna aren't seen interacting it is assumed they had a loving mother-daughter relationship. Although Angie is seen to be relieved when LaDonna and Henry are not home as she believes Frank is knocking at the door to fix their relationship, this is most likely nothing against LaDonna and instead giving Angie the opportunity to have sexual intercourse with Frank, as it is mentioned Angie planned on dropping her towel, that covered her naked body, the moment she opened the door. 


  • LaDonna has not yet been seen or named in the show as Angie and Joe's mother was caught outside of the dome. 
  • It is likely LaDonna cared about the environment as she drove an environment friendly car and grew vegetables in her garden. 

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