Marty Arsenault
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-"Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Male
Age Late 50's
Occupation Officer
Family Unnamed wife
Status Dead
Cause of Death Shot by Phil Bushey during an ambush
"I tried to stop you, but you wouldn't listen."
—Marty to Julia Shumway[src]

Marty Arsenault was a recurring minor character in the novel. He was a police officer of the town and the first to get shot during the raid on the WCIK radiostation. 

Before the DomeEdit

He worked as an police officer in Chester's Mill. It was also revealed that he had a conflict with his wife, which implies that he might have assaulted her.

Under the DomeEdit

He along with many others got trapped under the dome. He was present during the missile strike, the food riots (not in uniform though), the town hall pandemomium and the hunt on Phil Bushey and Andy Sanders.


He was shot by Phil Bushey during an ambush.


Unnamed wifeEdit

Julia Shumway revealed that Marty had a wife, but the relationship between the two wasn't good, since Julia mentions that Marty had a little "conflict" with his wife. In order to keep his job, she would keep it out of the papers in order that Marty would let her through the gates of the police office.


  • Together with the officers George Frederick and Toby Whelan, he was marked as an officer who never had any form of power in the police department.
    • Out of these three, he's the only one who was not directly mentioned to have it, as said by Jackie Wettington.
  • Marty Arsenault is not the same man as Marty, a biochemist on the outside of the Dome who was the first to set up the theory that the Dome was extraterrestrial.

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