Joe and Angie's Mother
Joe's Mother
First seen "Blue on Blue"
Last seen "Blue on Blue"
Appeared in 1 episode, (see below)

Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Late 30's to Mid 40's
Occupation Unknown
Family Jack McAlister - Husband
Angie McAlister - Daughter †
Joe McAlister - Son
Steve - Brother
Frank - Nephew
Status Alive

Joe and Angie's Mother is a minor character in CBS' Under the Dome. She is the mother of Angie and Joe McAlister.

Before The DomeEdit

This woman lived in Chester's Mill with her husband, Jack and their children, Joe and Angie. Angie bought her own home, no longer living with them, however it was mentioned that when she got her butterfly tattoo, it caused her parents to get mad at her.

Under The DomeEdit

Season 1Edit


She is mentioned when the Dome came down by both her children when they are talking about the whereabouts of their parents. They quickly realize they are alone as Jack is still driving his truck and their mother is at Denny's with their uncle Steve. 

"Blue on Blue"Edit

She is first seen in "Blue on Blue". She can be seen outside the Dome alongside her husband, Jack.

Season 3Edit


After the meteor shower, this woman and everyone else outside of the dome are presumed dead.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"


  • It is likely this character's name is either LaDonna McAlister or Claire McAlister as in the novel LaDonna was Angie's mother's name and Claire was Joe's mother's name, the two characters have seemed to merge into one as Angie and Joe are siblings in the TV Series.
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