Paul "Sea Dogs" Gendron
First seen "Barbie"
Last seen "Clustermug"
Series lifespan "Barbie" to "Clustermug"

Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age Early 60's
Occupation Car Salesman
Family Unknown
Status Alive
"I gotta go back. I’m sorry, but my schnozz is hurting like hell, and... well, I ain’t as young as I used to be."
—Paul to Barbie about wanting to go back.[src]

Paul Gendron, also referred to as Sea Dogs is a recurring character in Under the Dome.

Before the DomeEdit

Paul was a car salesman from Maine. He moved to his parents farm in Motton in 2007.

Under the DomeEdit


Paul first appears when Barbie flags his car down to ask for help. Paul gets out of his car and tries to go up to Barbie, but walks straight into the dome, breaking his nose.

"Highways and Byways"Edit

Paul and Barbie are both shocked and confused after Paul breaks his nose, but even more confused when seagulls begin crashing into the dome, breaking their necks. Barbie and Paul talk about how the plane crashed into it before a logging truck begins coming full speed at the dome. Paul and Barbie try to stop him, but he crashes into the dome and blows up. Both Barbie and Paul then try to touch the dome and get a strange feeling from it for only a few seconds.

"Lotta Dead Birds"Edit

Paul and Barbie take a walk around in the woods to see how far the dome actually goes. They come across the corpses of Robert Roux, Billy Debec, Wanda Debec and Nora Robichaud. They also find a survivor from the car crash and get someone to deliver her to a hospital. They then witness a CBS helicopter trying to take video footage of the dome. The helicopter, despite Paul and Barbie trying to warn them, moves in for a closer look and crashes into the dome and explodes.


Paul tells Barbie that he has to get back due to having a broken nose and being tired. Before Paul leaves Barbie requests that he deliver a message to his friend in the army. Paul accepts his request and wishes Barbie luck on finding out how far the dome really goes.


Dale BarbaraEdit

"Well, good luck. I hope to shake your hand before the day’s out."
—Paul to Barbie.[src]

Paul seemed to respect and care for Barbie. It is mentioned that Paul thinks of him as a friend after bonding and learning more about each other.


Part 1 appearances
"The Airplane and the Woodchuck" "Barbie" "Junior and Angie" "Highways and Byways" "Lotta Dead Birds"
"Clustermug" "We All Support The Team" "The Good of the Town, The Good of the People" "Prayers" "Madness, Blindness, Astonishment of the Heart"
"This is Not as Bad as it Gets" "Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck" "Missile Strike Imminent"

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