Dr. Rayburn
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-present

Gender Male
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive

Before the Dome Edit

Dr. Rayburn worked as a doctor in the Cathy Russell hospital.

Under the Dome Edit

Rayburn was trapped outside of the Dome while visiting people in the Stephen's Memorial hospital. Although he remains unseen in the novel, Rayburn is several times mentioned.

Relationships Edit

Eric "Rusty" EverettEdit

Despite the fact that Rayburn was trapped outside of the Dome and there was no contact between the two, Rusty claimed that Rayburn had helped him many times and was a good doctor, why it's unfortunate Rayburn got trapped outside the Dome, or else he could've helped him with patients like Rory Dinsmore.

Trivia Edit

  • Rayburn is the only medic to get trapped outside of the Dome in the novel.
    • He is also the only medic to get mentioned while unseen.

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