Ron Haskell
First seen "Junior and Angie" (Mentioned)
Last seen "This is Not as Bad as it Gets"
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-"This is Not as Bad as it Gets"

Gender Male
Age Late 60's
Occupation Surgeon
Status Dead
Cause of Death Heart Attack
"I know, Ginny. I'm not death. Deaf, I mean. Christ."
—Haskell to his nurse, while operating on Rory.[src]

Before the DomeEdit

Dr. Ronald Haskell, or The Wiz, was a surgeon at Catherine Russell Hospital in Chester's Mill, Maine, assisted by Rusty Everett. He treated Jim Rennie, Jr. for headaches, misdiagnosing him with migraines and prescribing Imitrex; He was often referred to as "Doctor Oz" by Rusty and Dougie. It is also known he was a very friendly person as Brenda mentioned that he never scolded anybody, she then went on to mention that he had however when it came to Howard's weight. Also, Haskell nagged Junior's father, Big Jim, about his weight.

Under the DomeEdit

"Junior and AngieEdit

Ron is mentioned when the novel is explaining Junior's headaches, it mentions that he had told Junior that they were migraines and that they would most likely let up when he was forty-five or so. However it is later mentioned that his headaches are actually caused by a brain tumor and that wheezy, old Dr Haskell hadn't even considered that as a possibility in an otherwise healthy young man. 

"Lotta Dead BirdsEdit

Ron is mentioned by Brenda when Howard asks her to put two sandwiches in the fridge for him when he gets back, she explains that she'll only put one away as Dr Haskell, who never scolds anybody has mentioned his weight as being an issue. 


While operating on Rory Dinsmore, Ron died of a fatal heart attack. After Rory Dinsmore tried to take down the Dome with his pa's rifle and was shot, Haskell and Rusty attempted to save the boy. As the hospital team scrambled to save the boy, Haskell reading a neurosurgery manual, Rory's vitals gradually stabilized. Then, out of the blue while Haskell tried to locate the bullet fragment inside Rory's head, Rory's vitals crashed off the hill. Eventually, out of sheer stress from the job, Haskell turned of the boy's respirator to not "prolong this boy's agony" at approximately 5:15 PM that day. Moments later, Ron Haskell collapsed from a heart attack on his way to give the parents the news, dying in Rusty's care at 5:49 PM, ironically dying thirty-four after his patient, Rory, died..Like all other bodies, Haskell and Rory's were taken to the Bowie Funeral Home.


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  • Ronald's death was likely the novel counterpart of Alice Calvert's death as both died of a heart attack while treating someone medically.
    • Ron died trying to save Rory Dinsmore after his gunshot wound and Alice Calvert died after helping deliver Harriet's baby. 
  • Ron's nickname of "Doctor Oz" is a reference to the book The Wizard of Oz.

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