This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his TV Series counterpart.
  Sam "Sloppy Sam" Verdreaux
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-"Wear it Home, it’ll Look Like a Dress"

Gender Male
Hair Grey
Age Presumably in his 60's
Occupation Former woodsman
Town Drunk (unintentionally)
Family Unknown
Status Dead
Cause of Death Died of ill air effects after the Dome had vanished

Sam Verdreaux is a minor character in the Under the Dome novel. He was known as the town drunk of Chester's Mill and eventually saved many of the surviving residents of Chester's Mill from asphyxiation.

Before the DomeEdit

Sam lived in a little shack on a barren, tiny field, where car-parts were spread all over it. He was a woodsman in his early years (around 1970) and claimed to be an excellent thrower of aspects like rocks and big logs. Somehow, he got in connection with liquor, making him the town drunk of Chester's Mill.

Under the DomeEdit

To be added


After the dome had vanished, freeing the town, Sam suffered from ill air effects and died while looking at the blue sky, making him the last fatality since the Dome's appearance.


James "Junior" RennieEdit

Sam personally hated the adolescent and called him "boy", telling him that he was a complete disaster when it was about football. Later, Junior gives him a bottle of whiskey and orders him to start the food riots. Sam's opinion about this is not displayed, although, later in the book, he seems to have regret from starting the food riots.

Freddy DentonEdit

Calling Freddy "brigadier Dog", Sam seemed to have a condescending but aggressive attitude towards him. He first shows a patronizing attitude towards Freddy, but after Junior embarrasses him, he gets angry at both him and Freddy and shows his true behaviour towards the agent, rude and aggressive.

Dale "Barbie" BarbaraEdit

Despite the fact that they haven't been seen interacting with each other in the biggest part of the novel, Dale saw that Sam was actually a good-hearted man who's life was destructed by liquor. Also, Dale was openly horrified to be with Sam in the car, because Sam was a terrible driver.

James "Big Jim" RennieEdit

Sam's opinion about Big Jim doesn't come forward in the novel, but Big Jim thought Sam was just an obstacle in the way of ruling over the town. He eventually managed to lock him up, together with Barbie, as Barbie's personal 'adjutant'.


  • In the TV Series, Sam is Junior Rennie's uncle, whereas he's not related to him in the novel.
  • Sam did not kill anyone directly in the novel, whereas the Sam in the TV series actually killed someone.
    • However, when Sam threw a rock at Georgia Roux, which broke her jaw severly, she ended up in hospital. She was then ambushed and shot by Sammy Bushey. Sam feels openly guilty about this and claims to have "killed her anyways". Despite saying this, Georgia was still indirectly killed by Sam.

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