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The Airplane and the Woodchuck is the first part of the novel, Under the Dome.


The story opens with Claudette and Chuck's taking a flight around Chester's Mill, passing over Jim Rennie's Used Cars. The two have a brief conversation about Claudette believing that she had seen two boys fishing on Peace Bridge, but Chuck politely tells her to keep focused on the plane. Claudette apologizes for getting distracted and Chuck tells her that it isn't a problem. They then travel down Route 119, flying over a man who waves up to them.

It then cuts to a woodchuck in a forest. He walks around until he spots a person, whom he believes has food. He then stops, realizing he had been spotted by the man, but before he is able to run to a hiding place, he is cut in half.

Claudette and Chuck are very confused when their plane begins to have technical difficulties. Before they even have much time to react, the plane explodes, killing Claudette and Chuck, sending their body parts flying. Claudette's forearm lands beside the Woodchuck's body.

The chapter then ends revealing the date to be October twenty-first.




Chapters of Under the Dome
Part 1
13 Chapters
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