The Kinship
Season 3, Episode 4
The Kinship
Air Date July 9, 2015
Written By Cathryn Humphris
Directed By Edward Ornelas
U.S. Viewers 5.12 Million
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The Kinship is the fourth episode of Season 3 of CBS' Under the Dome, which aired on July 9, 2015. It is the thirtieth episode overall.


Under the guise of helping Chester's Mill rebuild, Christine urges the townspeople towards specific individuals and projects that remind them of their experience in the tunnels. Also, Julia and Big Jim make shocking discoveries that reveal a new threat within the Dome.


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Guest Stars





  • First appearance of Dr. Marston.
  • First appearance of Pete Blackwell.
  • Last appearance of Malick.
  • The working title of this episode was called The Collective.
  • The title refers to Christine Price's idea for the town residents to become a kinship.
    • The term kinship means a relationship between any entities that share a genealogical origin, through either biological, cultural, or historical descent which would refer to the town residents.
  • The intro narration is taken over by Big Jim this episode.
    • This is the first time in the series when a set narrator is changed by another while being already few episodes into the season.


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