Hey everyone, I think we have enough people (and a successful adoption, congrats Jackson!) now that we can try and get some consensus on what the main page should look like! The big things to figure out are Sections, Layout, and Color Scheme.

I think we could benefit from having a News section, there's quite a bit of news mentions almost daily. Other choices are a Featured Article section that can be rotated regularly, Links, Episodes, or Characters. I think if we include Episodes, it should just be the most recent one, since that'll get cluttered really quickly. I think Characters is a safe bet, though. I've put a Character Portal on the main page as a sample. Obviously, we can change the size/who to include as we need to.

One of the Wikis I contribute to has a Talkback section, where we could link to forums discussing episodes. That might be useful for a show like this.

Thoughts and/or ideas?

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