So things are looking a lot better, but we still have a few things to decide on before we can really add much else to the wiki!

Edit (13 September 2013): The Under the Dome Wiki:Manual of Style is up. It's not a final thing by any means, but it's at least a guideline so that we can try and keep things consistent(ish). Take a look!

Pages Needed


  • We really need to get pages up for the Actors. Each article should use Template:Actor, which accepts entries for Image, Character, From, DOB, and Spouse. Each article should also include an "External Links" section, where you can link to, at the very least, their Wikipedia page, and IMDb page. Other suggestions include the actor's official page, Facebook page, or Twitter account.

Please do NOT make an Actor's page and simply copy their Wikipedia article.


The Egg and Mini-Dome probably deserve their own articles, as the Dome's own article is quite long. Also, we need a consensus on how to stylize Mini-Dome/mini-Dome/mini-dome. Suggestions welcome!


The article will mostly just have speculation sourced by characters, but it's a term that's prominent enough to have its own article.

Joe's Blogs

We should consider adding a page listing and giving a brief description of Joe's blogs. The video blogs aren't accessible on for users outside of the US, but there is plenty of YouTube links.


The Wiki is looking for a new admin: to check out the details, visit Jackson's post.

Image Tagging

Anyone feeling ambitious is welcome to start tagging Images. To do this, go to the Image's page, and add the image to the category Charactername/Images. E.g., Dale "Barbie" Barbara/Images. I'll try to create the category for every character so things should autocomplete when you start typing the names. This will be useful in locating specific images for galleries.

If you know the episode the image came from, you can also tag it with the Episodename/Images. E.g., Exigent Circumstances/Images.

Episodes Synopses

We've got synopses for some episodes, but we're missing a few. Once we're caught up, it'll be a lot easier to stay on top of them, hopefully. Anyone feeling ambitious can check out the Style guide above, and hit up:

If anyone wants to take any of those on, please feel free!

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