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This episode can only be called - Faith vs Science and Science won. Atleast for now. But let's start from the beggining. From the start we are introduced with a new character - barber of faith Lyle Chumley. For now I like this character and the actor made a good job playing him. We found out that at one moment Lyle and Pauline were together but in the end chose to be with Big Jim. There's big tension between them, atleast from the Lyle part. This is shown during the scene where he shaves Big Jim.

Rebecca continues her plans to manage the population of Chester's Mill. While the idea sounds logical, from Rebecca's mouth it sounds very evil. This episode we see that as a scientist she only believes what she sees. So no wonder that a  guy like Lyle who is a believer finds this offensive. 

This episodes disaster is acid rain, which is red. Lyle see this as a sign of apocalypse while scientist Rebecca just natural phenomenon. This episode has a lot of biblical references. And I think this season theme will be Science vs Faith plus truck load of biblical references.

On the other topic. The wall between Barbie and Julia becomes higher and higher. While Barbie tried to be diplomatical about Rebecca's plan, Julia only see that Barbie is with Big Jim and Rebecca. Poor Barbie.

At school internet starts to work again and Junior finally finds out that his mother is infact not dead. Pauline in her message says that all the asnwers has Lyle. So in the future episodes we find out a lot of information about Paulines connection to the Dome. 

Dark secrets are hinted this episode as Sam reveals that he and Lyle have burried something in Chester's Mill 25 years ago. What is it that they buried is a mystery for now. But can I say that now I think that Angies killer could be Sam. He showed a lot darker side this episode threatining both Jim and Lyle to kill them. 

Mystery girl is revealed to be Melanie Cross and she is the owner of the locker. The only problem that was 50 years ago. This was unexpected for me. Oh and the locker is empty. So whoever killed Angie had enough brains to move the content of the locker to elsewhere.

Next episode is Revelation and from the looks of it we will find out more about Melanie and her connection to the Dome. And maybe even more.

So feel free to leave your thoughts and insights on this weeks episode.

P.S. Rebecca the new crazy tyrant of this season?

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