• JakieBoi

    Ey there guys,I'm going to review the two new episodes of Season 3,btw for anyone

    SPOILER ALERT if it wasn't obvious

    After one year outside the dome we discover Dale "moved on" to the army and got a new girlfriend,Norrie got in a college,Joe didn't move on as Sam is in prison trying to get better,Julia,Big Jim & Junior are "dead" as it's discovered they are actually alive.

    Also I Have to mention,this just proves how good John Elvis is,his last appearance as Benny Drake is really good.

    After coming back to Chester's Mill Dale & Ben spot Melanie Cross,as she disappeared after making the dome "vanish".

    While Dale forgets about this,Benny Drake investigates the town and after doing research he makes a theory that he films on his phone.

    It is discoveā€¦

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