• Rick123Axel

    Okay, this is just a little fun, basically all you do is spell your user name and see who'd you be trapped under the dome with! (Write who in the comments) No doubles either as you can't have two of the same person in real life :p 

    Show Character Version

    A - Barbie

    B - Big Jim 

    C - Julia

    D - Sam

    E - Andrea

    F - Rose 

    G - Rebecca 

    H - Joe

    I - Angie 

    J - Lyle

    K - Freddy

    L - Lester Coggins

    M - Alice

    N - Norrie

    O - Waylon

    P - Carolyn 

    Q  - Ollie 

    R - Benny

    S - Harriet 

    T - Linda

    U - Carter

    V - Linda

    W - Paul

    X - Duke

    Y - Phill

    Z - Dodee

    Novel Character Version

    A - Big Jim

    B - Junior

    C - Barbie

    D - Julia

    E - Andrea

    F - Linda

    G - Rose

    H - Rusty

    I - Andy 

    J - Angie 

    K - Phill

    L - Samantha 

    M - Piper 

    N - Joe

    O - Claire

    P - Ollie

    Q - Norrie

    R - Alden

    S - Jackie 

    T - Romeo

    U - Brenda 

    V - Melvin

    W -…

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  • Rick123Axel

    Things to Do

    August 5, 2014 by Rick123Axel

    This wiki, although amazing has a lot of things to do. This is a list that will be updated on completion

    • On the category page of episodes, the table needs updating.
    • Cast page needs updating, many actor pages have been made but not added to the page
    • Links need fixing on Season 1 page
    • Almost every character needs a write up for many episodes in both season 1 and 2.
    • Most galleries need to be updated.
    • A few characters need quotes.
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