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    Hey there, UTD fans! The season finale is coming! Are you ready for it? Lately a blog was uploaded called "Which is the best episode?" by X-Men Are Cool. I'm going to continue that blog since he didn't update the results anymore. I haven't included Love is a Battlefield, Incandescence and The Enemy Within since they haven't aired at the time the blog was created. The results I've put into this list are the results of the old blog. The blog gets updated when at least 5 people have voted.

    So, which episode is your favorite? You can now vote for round 2.

    Stan The Shark (talk) 09:08, September 10, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Stan The Shark

    This list will be expanded gradually.

    What to do
    Novel Characters
    Try to add as much information to the novel characters' pages, I'm not talking just about the Novel Characters article but about all the characters who appear in the novel their own pages. Fill in as much as you know.
    Dale Barbara (TV Series)
    Add the Move On, But I'm Not, Redux, The Kinship and Breaking Point sections. Eventually expand the other episode sections of Season 3. Also, maybe eventually expand the trivia with some facts about Barbie?
    Julia Shumway (TV Series)
    Divide the Season 1 part into episode parts.
    James Rennie Sr. (TV Series)
    Alaska and Breaking Point sections.
    Joseph Ernest McAlister
    Expand the 'background' section, add the "Going Home" to "Go Now" sections in the Se…

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  • Stan The Shark

    Hey there, Under The Dome fanatics!

    Today I'm counting down the most visited pages on the Under The Dome wiki. You can also, instead of reading this article, click this link to find out which pages are the most popular on this wiki.

    WARNING: This list was last updated on September 26, 2015. The amount of revisions may have changed, and I will update it soon enough.

    I must say, I expected her to be in the top 10. An ignorant yet helpful girl changes into the Terminator from Season 2 to Season 3. Her article has been edited 149 times by the contributors of this wiki. It's pretty close to Julia's article.

    Julia Shumway is holding the ninth spot in this list! This page has been edited 151 times by the contributors of the Under The Dome wiki!

    Since …

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  • Stan The Shark

    Hey there, Under The Dome fans!

    I'm curious about your creativity. If you would describe a character on the show in one word, what would it be? Choose out of the following characters:

    - Stan

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  • Stan The Shark

    Novel Characters

    June 13, 2015 by Stan The Shark

    This post is about the novel characters.

    I was wondering... what could I do to make the pages look better (except for adding information of course)?

    If anyone has an idea, text me!

    - Stan

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