This list will be expanded gradually.

Article What to do
Novel Characters
Try to add as much information to the novel characters' pages, I'm not talking just about the Novel Characters article but about all the characters who appear in the novel their own pages. Fill in as much as you know.
Dale Barbara (TV Series)
Add the Move On, But I'm Not, Redux, The Kinship and Breaking Point sections. Eventually expand the other episode sections of Season 3. Also, maybe eventually expand the trivia with some facts about Barbie?
Julia Shumway (TV Series)
Divide the Season 1 part into episode parts.
James Rennie Sr. (TV Series)
Alaska and Breaking Point sections.
Joseph Ernest McAlister
Expand the 'background' section, add the "Going Home" to "Go Now" sections in the Season 2 section, add a section for the "The Kinship" episode, maybe eventually expand the trivia?
Eleanor Calvert-Hill
Add the information about what she did in "Going Home".
Sam Verdreaux (TV Series)
The "Redux" and "Legacy" sections scream for an larger update. Furthermore, try to work on the Season 3 parts more wider, it needs more information.
But I'm Not
The Kinship
Breaking Point
Plan B
Love is a Battlefield
Hunter May
The "Breaking Point" to "Love is a Battlefield" sections need an update, they could be expanded and more information could be added to the sections.
Philip Bushey (TV Series)
Try to compare him to the novel more closely in the trivia section.
Angie McAlister
Adding a "Before the Dome" section would be useful.
Carolyn Hill
Expand the "Caged" section.
Lily Walters
Add a quote, and of course, add a section for "Incandescence" and "The Enemy Within" once the episodes have aired.
Linda Esquivel
Expand the "Before the Dome" section, the "Blue on Blue" section also screams for an expansion. Also, is the "Death" section really necessary?
Rebecca Pine
The only thing I could say about this article is that you could possibly expand the trivia.
Ben Drake (TV Series)
Add a "Before the Dome" section.
Andrea Grinnell (TV Series)
Add the necessary information for the relationships.
Eva Sinclair
Add a section for "Alaska", and possibly expand the "Breaking Point" and "Legacy" sections.
Christine Price
Expand the trivia, also add more information to the "Alaska" and "Caged" sections.
Don Barbara
If possible, expand the trivia, and also try to expand the "Awakening" section, it seems a little empty.
Hektor Martin
Add a trivia section.
Abby DeWitt
Try to expand the "The Kinship" section and also, add a trivia section. That would be very useful.
Pete Blackwell
Add a trivia section, it seems that a lot of characters lack these sections, but it would be useful! Also, try to expand the "Alaska" section, it seems a little empty.
Add a trivia section, and if possible try to expand the "Before the Dome" section.
Harriet Arnold
Add a trivia section and try to expand the "Plan B" and "Legacy" sections.
I'd add a trivia section, also, if possible, try to expand the "Before the Dome" section.
Audrey Everett
Change the "Before the Dome" section, some details could be revealed by Audrey, I'm sure about that.
Kyle Lee
If possible, add a trivia section. Also expand the "Before the Dome" section with the details Big Jim revealed in "The Enemy Within".
Beau Griffith
Try to expand the "Before the Dome" section, explain how he worked as guard and why he had to kill all those victims he had to kill under the orders of Aktaion Energy.
Dava Bloom
Expand the "Love is a Battlefield" section and add a trivia.
Charlotte Chastain
Possibly add a trivia section, and try to put the details about her time with Junior at school.

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