So if you have seen my previous blog vote for the final round. If you haven't than you can vote. And if you already have voted on that than vote on this. For each round we will have three episodes go against each other. Tell other users! It will go 36, 12, 4, 2, 1.

Which is the Best Episode

Contestants Results Score
Pilot vs. Heads Will Roll vs. Move On TBA TBA
The Fire vs. Infestation vs. But I'm Not TBA TBA
Manhunt vs. Force Majeure vs. Redux TBA TBA
Outbreak vs. Revelation vs. The Kinship TBA TBA
Blue on Blue vs. Reconciliation vs. Alaska TBA TBA
The Endless Thirst vs. In the Dark vs. Caged TBA TBA
Imperfect Circles vs. Going Home vs. Ejecta TBA TBA
Thicker than Water vs. Awakening vs. Breaking Point TBA TBA
The Fourth Hand vs. The Red Door vs. Plan B TBA TBA
Let the Games Begin vs. The Fall vs. Legacy TBA TBA
Speak of the Devil vs. Exigent Circumstances vs. Curtains TBA TBA
Black Ice vs. Turn vs. Go Now TBA TBA

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