Velma Winters
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-"Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Female
Age Late 30's to early 40's
Occupation Owner of Brownie's Store
Killed Victims 13 caused
Status Dead
Cause of Death Car crash

Velma Winters was a minor character in the novel. She was the second known and last owner of the Brownie's Store and helped to start up the food riots.

Before the DomeEdit

Not much is known about Velma's life before the Dome came down, except for the fact that she replaced Dil Brown in the Brownie's Store, located in Chester's Mill. It's unknown how long she has been living in Chester's Mill, although it's stated that Dil, the previous owner of the store, died a year ago, which implies Velma lived in Chester's Mill at least one year long. There was a rumor going around the Sweetbriar Rose that she literally "fucked all of her three husbands both to death" and buried all of them. It was mentioned she lived in a town called Away before getting to Chester's Mill.

Under the DomeEdit

Velma is one of the many people to be trapped under the Dome and was responsible for many deaths during a gigantic car crash during the events of "Halloween Comes Early". She was also present at the Food City riot


Velma died during the car crash, which she caused. It was described that her upper torso was ripped of the rest of her body and clashed against the Dome.


To be added


  • Velma caused many deaths, at least 13, but didn't intend to kill them. This marks her to be one out of few novel characters to accidentally kill someone else.

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