Willow Anderson
Series lifespan "Under the Dome (Novel)"-"Halloween Comes Early"

Gender Female
Occupation Co-Owner/Operator of Dipper's Roadhouse
Family Tommy Anderson - Husband †
Status Dead
Cause of Death Died in a firestorm

Willow Anderson is a minor character in the Under the Dome novel. She was one of the owners of the Dipper's Roadhouse, among with her husband Tommy Anderson.

Before the DomeEdit

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Under the DomeEdit

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Willow died, among with many other residents of Chester's Mill, in the firestorm caused by Andy Sanders and Phil Bushey. No other details were given about her death, since the novel was more focussed on Dale Barbara and cohorts.


James "Big Jim" RennieEdit

Although no contact was shown between the two during the events of the novel, Big Jim described Tommy and Willow as republican, drunk hippies, who were causing many troubles. Also, Big Jim found it embarrassing that Duke Perkins didn't arrest them for the noise disturbance they caused, where he refers his own son to.


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